Bowenwork... How does it work?

Bowenwork has emerged on the bodywork scene, relatively recently and has created quite a buzz. In the medium sized town that I am from and where I practice bodywork, Bowenwork is still not well known or recognized by name, let alone understood. I have the same conversation multiple times per day. Answering the questions of "What is Bowenwork?", "How does Bowenwork work?", "Is it like Chiropractic?", etc. 

Most often, the person I am trying to reach has a window of attention maybe lasting 2-5 minutes. This feels to me like trying to explain quantum physics in the same amount of time; good luck gaining any real understanding. This blog post is going to be yet another attempt to explain the powerful, magical, and inspiring Bowenwork. Bowenwork works primarily on three systems in the human body, the fascial system, the central nervous system, and proprioception. 

I have observed that fascia is still not well understood by the general public. If a client has heard the word fascia, most of the time it was when a piece of their fascia became injured, such as plantar fascia, or the iliotibial band and they believe it is a tissue in their body similar to a muscle. In an attempt to not get too bogged down in the manutia of recent fascia research, lets say that fascia is a connective tissue found in the body in varying thicknesses and functions to provide structure, movement, and communication throughout the body. Fascia is affected in Bowenwork by a "Bowen move", a cross fiber rolling movement using varying degrees of pressure throughout a move to affect different layers of the fascia network. This disturbation can help to unstick restricted fascia, rehydrate dehydrated tissue, and improve communication in the body. 

The Central Nervous System is influenced by Bowenwork, restoring a balance between the "Fight-Flight-Freeze" and "Rest/Repair" parts of the nervous system. When a proper balance between these two branches of the central nervous system is created, a profound sense of peace and healing occur. Lastly Bowenwork affects the proprioception system in the body with the pace, pressure, and pauses of a Bowen move. Appropriate proprioception feedback is necessary for posture, balance, and force output or strength. Overall, Bowenwork creates a healing environment for these three systems of the body, and can lead to profound changes in physical health, mental health, and spiritual health.